With the dawn of social media and new ways to make contact with our potential clients, have we witnessed the end of the cold call?
You could say it depends on your perspective, and what you would define as a cold call. For business to consumer cold calls, the approach is generally a numbers game. But statistics imply this no longer pays off; according to a survey carried out for Citizen’s Advice, a staggering 92% of people do not trust companies who market in this way.
For business to business, the statistics don’t look much more encouraging. Only around 1% of B2B cold calls will actually result in an appointment, and only an estimated 28% even engage in a conversation!

With some planning and research, you can give those cold calls some heat. The world of social media has given us the opportunity to carry out some fairly in depth research on our prospective clients, meaning your cold calls aren’t quite the stab in the dark they may once have been. Spending your time making fewer calls but carrying out more research could give your cold calling marketing campaign a better chance of success.

Remember that measly 1% of calls resulting in an appointment? This jumps to around 40% when a referral is made. Take the time to find out the people that connect you to your prospective client; the world is a much smaller place now, and asking that person to make an introduction before you make contact could be crucial.
So perhaps traditional cold calling has had its day, because there are so many easy ways in modern business to generate warm leads, or at least make calls that aren’t ice cold.
How do you feel about cold calling? And what do you research to help with your call?